3 D bracket for 3D clamping system for D16 table .

FIXTO D16mm Welding Tables were made for those that deal with Finer Detail Fixturing Applications, The D16mm FIXTO Welding Tables are truly built to last a lifetime and far beyond. The D16mm FIXTO, Indian-Engineered Welding Tables are unbelievably rigid and have the flattest surface of any Welding Table in the market, with a 5-Sided Top which can be used with or without optional heavily constructed legs.

The FIXTO Fixture Clamp is a great tool for welders. One of the biggest difficulty that welders face is positioning the items that need to be welded. That is where the FIXTO Fixture Clamps comes in use. The Fixture Clamps ensure that the items to be welded remain in position with the help of FIXTO welding table which gives highly accurate surface and fixture hole combination, also FIXTO welding table and fixture clamp helps to reduce and control the distortion of the job. Welder can easily make production with FIXTO welding table and fixture clamps to improve the quality of welding job.



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